Screening Effective SY 2020-2021

Screening Flow for Applicants

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Campuses Facebook Accounts of Every Program

BS Accountancy Bachelor of Science in Accountancy, NORSU Main Campus
BS Business Administration Bsba Mc-I
BS Tourism Management Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management, NORSU Main Campus
BS Hospitality Management Hospitality Management Department- NORSU Main Campus I, Dumaguete City
BS Office Administration Bachelor of Science in Office Administration
BS Industrial Technology Norsu-Cit MC1 Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology
B of Technological Education Norsu-Cit MC1 Bachelor of Technological Education
BS Architecture NORSU BS Architecture
BS Civil Engineering NORSU BS Civil Engineering
BS Computer Engineering NORSU BS Computer Engineering
BS Electrical Engineering NORSU BS Electrical Engineering
BS Electronics Engineering NORSU BS Electronics Engineering
BS Geodetic Engineering NORSU BS Geodetic Engineering
BS Geothermal Engineering NORSU BS Geothermal Engineering
BS Mechanical Engineering NORSU BS Mechanical Engineering
B of Elementary Education Major in
General Education
Norsu-Mc I CTEd BEEd
B of Secondary Education Major in
English, Mathematics, Sciences, Social Studies,
Values Education, Filipino
Norsu-MC I CTEd BSEd
B of Physical Education Norsu-MC I CTEd BPEd
B of Early Childhood Education Norsu-MC I CTEd BECEd
B of Special Needs Education Norsu-MC I CTEd BSNEd
B of Technology and Livelihood Education Norsu-MC I CTEd BTLEd
BS Geology NORSU Geology Department
BS Mathematics Mathematics Department - NORSU
Bachelor of Arts NORSU Social Science Department
B of Mass Communication NORSU Journalism and Mass Communication Department
BS Information Technology Computer Science & Information Technology Department Main Campus I
BS Computer Science Computer Science & Information Technology Department Main Campus I
BS Chemistry NORSU-Chemistry
BS Psychology Negros Oriental State University Department of Psychology
BS Biology Negros Oriental State University- Biology Department
BS Nursing Nursing Norsucnpahs
BS Pharmacy Cnpahs Pharm
Midwifery Midwifery Norsu
AMDNA Amdna Cnpahs
BS Criminology NORSU CRIM Dumaguete Online Screening/Enrollment
BS Agriculture College of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries - NORSU Pamplona Campus
BS Forestry College of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries - NORSU Pamplona Campus
BS Criminology Criminology Bayawan
B of Elementary Education Beed Norsu-bsc
B of Secondary Education Bsed Norsu-bsc
BS Business Administration Bsba Norsu Bayawan
BS Hospitality Management Bshm Norsu Bayawan
BS Office Administration BS Office Administratiion CBA NORSU BSC
BS Information Technology Bachelor of Science in Information Technology-NORSU-BSC
BS Computer Science Bachelor of Science in Computer Science-NORSU-BSC
Midwifery Midwifery-NORSU-BSC
BS Industrial Technology CIT - Norsu Bayawan Campus
BS Forestry
BSA Animal Science
B of Agricultural Technology
BSA Agronomy
BS Business Administration BSBA Siaton
BS Hospitality Management BSHM Siaton
B of Secondary Education BSED Siaton
B of Elementary Education BEED Siaton
BS Information Technology BSIT Siaton
BS Criminology BSCrim Siaton
BS Computer Science BS in Computer Science - NORSU Bais
BS Information Technology BS in Information Technology NORSU Bais
BS Industrial Technology Cit Norsu Bais
BS Criminology Ccje Bais
BS Business Administration BS in Business Administration
BS Office Administration BS in Office Administration
BS Hospitality Management BS In Hospitality Management
B of Secondary Education CTED BAIS
B of Elementary Education CTED BAIS

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