NORSU Advisory No. 4

as of March 18, 2020 11:00am

Pursuant to CHED COVID ADVISORY No. 5 dated 17 March 2020, and the issuance of the City Government of Dumaguete and the Province of Negros Oriental, the undersigned to hereby issue this Advisory:

  1. Classes in the NORSU Main Campuses and in all its External Campuses remain SUSPENDED until further notice. All OJT's, Internship and practicum are also suspended and students are recalled and advised to go home.

  2. All Faculty members must exercise leniency in the compliance of the requirements in their subjects and help the students during difficult times.

  3. All Permanent/Temporary and Full-time Part-time Faculty Members may work-from-home hence, they should get their defined expected Outputs/deliverables from their respective Deans in coordination with the VPAA.

  4. Submission of the expected Deliverables/Outputs shall be submitted through email to their respective Deans cc VPAA not later than 16 April 2020.

  5. All Essential Personnel (USMO, Buildings and Grounds, Medical/Dental Clinic, Farm/Project caretakers) shall report to their respective Offices daily.

  6. Skeletal Force in Finance, Supply & Property, Registrar, CICTSO and President Offices shall be maintained. Other personnel shall report as needed by the University through the University's Directives. The skeleton force shall ensure the provision of the essential services such as processing of Salaries & Wages and other transactions. Skeleton force shall be organized by their respective Heads of Offices.

  7. Job Orders may report daily to work at their discretion provided that their respective Offices can accomodate them following the social distancing principle. Otherwise, they should be on a rotation or shifting basis.

  8. "Social Distancing" principle shall be properly observed.

  9. The use of Biometrics shall be temporarily stopped. However, every Office/College shall maintain Official Log Book when applicable, where the Daily time-in and out of their respective personnel shall be reflected.

  10. The practice of personal preventive measures such as proper hygiene, cough/sneeze etiquette and social distancing should be properly observed. Everyone should avoid visiting and/or attending big gathering at this critical time.

  11. All Heads of the Offices shall keep Open lines and shall constantly check the NORSU Website. Moreover, the entry of Outsiders in all NORSU Campuses shall be prohibited unless prior approval has been granted by the President or his Authorized representative for the Main Campuses and the Campus Administrators in the case of the External Campuses.

  12. This Advisory shall take effect effectively immediately until further advices.

NORSU shall continue to coordinate with the Local Government Units, the DOH, CHED, etc. and will provide Advisory as information and updates become available.


University President

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