NORSU Advisory No. 6

July 17, 2020

Pursuant to the newly released Quarantine Classification of the National Inter-Agency Task Force (NITF) and the Provincial Inter-Agency Task Force, Negros Oriental is still on Modified General Community Quarantine (MGCQ) Medium Risk until July 30, 2020. In view of this undersigned do hereby issue this Advisory:
  1. Summer classes of all campuses of NORSU are suspended except for those graduating students who are taking online classes in their OJT, internship and practicum.

  2. Deans are required to submit a list of names of all faculty members (regular and part-time) to the Office of the University President for approval and give a copy to the Human Resource Management Office (HRMO) to determine those who will be given leave credits for regular faculty and monetary remuneration for part-time faculty members.

  3. Assigned regular and part-time faculty members are to continue with their online screening and enrolment may it be in school or at home. Proofs of students screened and enrolled (screenshots of facebook, messenger pages and like) shall be submitted together with their DTRs to the HRM Office after the screening and the enrolment processes for determination of the number of leave credits and remuneration.

  4. All Academic and Administrative staff members shall report regularly using the Alternative Working Arrangements (AWA) CSC MC No. 10, s. 2020 provided they shall be reporting for duty for eight hours daily or a total of forty(40) hours a week and register their daily attendance in the logbook entries shall be attached to the DTRs highlighting the respective names of the employees. This shal be submitted to the HRM Office at the end of the month.
  5. Employees below 21 years old, those who are 60 years old and above, those with immunodeficiency, comorbidities, or other health risks employees, and pregnant women may continue to "work from home" except when their services are indispensible under cricumstances or when office work is permitted (CSC MC No. 20, s. 2020). Immunodeficient employees are required to submit their medical certificates to the HRM Office.

  6. Precautionary measures shall be strictly implemented in the State University during the resumption of normal office operations including the following:
    1. Regular disinfection of offices, rooms, building corridors, facilities, comfort rooms, University vehicles.
    2. Modification of the workplace layout to ensure the observance of physical/social distancing requirements of employees reporting to office.
    3. Implement minimum health standards protocol such as the wearing of face masks at all times, taking of body temperature upon entering the University premises, and availability of sanitation requirements such as alcohol, hand sanitizer, foot mats with disinfectants at the entrance of offices, and sinks with running water and soap or handwash.
    4. Videoconferencing and teleconferencing should be conducted during meetings/seminars to avoid face-to-face contact.
    5. Reports and other documents from the external campuses should be submitted in bulk by one or two personnel to the Main Campus to avoid crowding.

  7. NORSU shall continue to coordinate with the Local Government Units, the DOH, CHED, etc. adn will provide Advisory as updates and information become available. This Advisory shall take effect on July 20, 2020.

  8. SGD

    Vice President for Administration and Finance

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