Effectiveness of Coconut Water as Boar Semen Extender


  • Josie Rodriguez Negros Oriental State University - Main Campus


This study was conducted to evaluate the effect of coconut water as semen extender to boar semen.  Boar ejaculates were extended using a commercial extender (T0, fresh coconut water (T1), and boiled coconut water (T2) in an experiment.  Results showed that there were no significant differences in sperm motility (Computed F = 1.8761; Tabular F = 4.46) at p<0.05 while there were significant differences in the number of live sperms across the three treatments (Computed F = 125.085; Tabular F = 4.46) in terms of the numbers of live sperms, no significant difference between T1 and T2 existed; however, significant differences were observed in T0 ≠ T1 and T0 ≠ T2. Commercial extender (T0) produced a lesser number of dead sperms than T1 and T2.  Nevertheless, T1 and T2 attained the number of live sperms within the range set by ITCPH Standards and can be considered as good alternatives for artificial insemination dose.


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