Status of RND 2014-2015

The Research and Development Center of the University cultivates cutting- edge researchesone that can provide sufficient knowledge to the academic and scientific community. The PRISM, the official research publication of the university was recognized and accredited by the Commission on Higher Education through Memorandum Order No. 15, Series of 2014 as Category A-2 under Journal Batch 8 for 2014-2016 per evaluation of a team of technical experts. Remarkably, NORSU researches redefined innovations that improve society lives. With this years research budget of 5.8 M from the GAA (MOOE), NORSU was able to complete 54 or 96% researches. Out of the 54 completed researches, 40 articles have been published in the PRISM Journal. Also, a handful of those researches where presented in international and national research conventions. In addition, there are 10 researches that are on-going. (Source: Annual Report 2014-2015)

Kagawasan Avenue, Capitol Area
Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental
6200 Philippines

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