Condemnation of Killings in Negros Oriental

There has been a spate of killings especially of lawyers and judges in the province of Negros Oriental. The latest victim was Atty. Ray Moncada, a good and upright man who was shot in the front yard of his own residence by one of two helmeted men in riding in tandem. He later succumbed to his wounds after several days in the ICU after his surgery. This indicates a culture of violence, where the law is taken into their own hands. The Philippines is a country run by the rule of law and lawlessness should have place and should be condemned. It would seem that lawyers and judges are targets of hired killers or hitmen in connection with cases handled by them. This would be an occupational hazard that is attached to the legal profession. This trend of violence is strongly to be condemned and not to be countenanced. It is a fervent hope and prayer that the culprits will be caught and arrested and brought to justice for peace and security to reign in this country.