Office of the President

Investiture Message (November 28, 2016)


It is with all humility and a deep sense of commitment that I accepted the reign of the Presidency of the Negros Oriental State University, when the Honorable members of the Board of Regents of this institution has elected me as its third University President on June 7, 2016.

The Presidency of NORSU is not about winning. It is about Service, Commitment, Responsibility and Integrity. And these will be the basic values for which this present dispensation would operate.

The Negros Oriental State University is the only public University in this province. It is mandated to prove not only the access to education but access to Quality and Relevant higher education. As a Public Higher Education Institution, we should embrace its distinct mission to provide affordable quality education to diverse and modest students, keeping in mind the highest standards since the University is a generator of the economic development for its students. This Is a very serious and herculean task for NORSU.

Moreover, as a Public University, we should observe the highest standard of accountability, responsibility and integrity in all our transactions and undertakings.

On the average, NORSU is having a enrollment of more than 27,000 students in its 9 Campuses located in the seven municipalities of this province. This represents more than 50% if the total college students enrolled in this province.

As Secretary Briones of the Department of Education apartly put it, if NORSU would be able to effectively train and develop potentials of these more than 27,000 student in the next four years and more than enough to cause a significant impact on the socio-economic development in the province of Negros Oriental.

This gigantic task of educating the youth of this province is too heavy for us, and I could personally say that NORSU could not do it alone and we need to take cognizance of the presence of the food Colleges and Universities in this province such as the Silliman University, St. Pauls and Foundation University and other colleges. TOGETHER we must strengthen the link and collaborate to make better and educational services for the youths of this province. Moreover, our Challenges were further magnified with the creation of the Negros Island Region. Whether NIR will push through or not, we came to realized that as people belonging to one Island of Negros, we should address the developmental needs of this island as one. So our collaboration should go beyond our borders of the province. Linkages and collaboration then, should also be established with other Higher Education Institutions like the Central Philippine State University, Northern Negros State College of Science and Technology, the Carlos Hilado Memorial State College and other HEI's in the province of Negros Occidental. Academe lead Research and Development should be one of the avenues for collaboration to address the need of the industry.

As of NORSU, we should revisit and re-engineer our program offerings so that we can focus our resources at where it is strongest in the best interest of the community. I would also say that NORSU's strength as a University would be as strong as the strength of its weakest campus. This underscores my desire to capacitate all our external campus to make it strong like the main campus. Doing this, would ensure the delivery of the speedy educational services to our constituents.

In the next 3 years of this dispensation, we will strengthen the Flagship Programs of the different campuses. This goes with it the strengthening of their faculty profile, improving the facility and provision of the state-of-the art equipment for these programs.

We should also relentlessly pursue accreditation in AACCUP, ISO & ISA and vigorously comply with the SUC Levelling requirements, especially the issuance of the Certificate of Program Compliance for all our programs. These are our only proof that NORSU is offering quality education.

We need to offer relevant programs by reviving our Maritime Education Program offer Fashion and Interior Design as fields of specialization and strengthen our Aviation Management Programs, Geology, Engineering, Science and Technology, Agri-Fishery, Forestry Pharmacy and other programs.

Quality Instruction is only possible with qualified and competent Faculty members, supported by equally competent and committed administrative support staff. To attain this, we will train and retrain all our personnel and ensure proper recruitment and selection process which should be based on Merit and Fitness.

All our personnel will be given equal opportunities and chances to avail of trainings, seminars, scholarships and study grants based on the priorities and needs of the University.

Unions will be respected and will be part of the important decisions of the University. Grievance mechanism shall be strengthened to discourage personnel to put the University in the bad light.

The students- My Beloved Students are customers of our product which is Quality Education. And just like good customers, students are encouraged to demand accountability, transparency and excellence from their Student Leaders, from the Faculty and Administration. Let give our students the recognition and respect they deserve, provide them with fast and efficient services and immediately address their needs and concerns. So my beloved students if you have problems, face it, don't Facebook it.

The Board of Regents has approved significant budget for the improvement of our buildings, facilities and laboratory equipment including IT Network that would allow the students to avail of free, faster internet throughout the University. Our library will provide you access to e-books and e-journals 24/7 which would make your research works and study in the convenience of your homes and boarding houses.

The ICITIZATION program would cut time in your enrollment, release of your grades and Transcript of Records and other transactions. Our Motto will be "Student On-Line" not students in line.

I think we also owe our students that atmosphere and environment which could make them independent learners, analytical and socially conscious. We owe them that environment where they could actively participate and get involved I the development of NORSU.

Students should be given a wider avenue for participation on decision making affecting them. However, we will instill discipline if needed and we should NOT hesitate. We will strengthen the Office of Student Services to make it more responsive to the needs and challenges of the students.

The Alumni are the backbone of the University's reputation. The University needs to strengthen its efforts to reach out the alumni and come up with programs that will keep them informed and involved in the University. We shall improve our alumni linkages and programs.

Finally, this administration will be transparent and participatory in its decision making and transactions. We will observe the bottoms-Up and participatory approach in the budget preparation for the different Colleges and Departments.

In the next 3 years, we will be encountering a lot of challenges. I am not sure how to face it, but I know I will with all your support. I am not telling you it's going to be easy, I'm telling you it's going to be worth it.

In closing, let me once again Thank all of you for sharing with me your precious time during this historical moments in my academic and professional journey. Please give me this opportunity to thank my Family for giving me all the support and understanding in doing my job at their expense. To my mother- a retired Librarian of NONAS who at her age tried to be with me today and to my Father, retired Administrator of NONAS (may you rest in peace) I would say, "The Son is now a Father to Man"...

To the BOR, Thank you again for giving me this opportunity and trust to serve my Alma Mater.