Office of the Vice President for Administration and Finance

In support of the University's strategic plans, the Office of the Vice President for Administration provides services that are essential in the delivery of instruction, research, extension and mission of the University.

It provides a high level of service that are responsive to the needs of the University and continuously strives to make the best of financial and human resources available, adding value and reflecting its best practices. Specifically, it assists the Office of the President in the allocation of funds for administrative and academic operations, and exercise budgetary control to ascertain that actual expenditures are in accordance with the authorized appropriations and allotment. It also provides for the effective business management of auxiliary services and income generating projects of the University to augment its operation. And, it guides the development and implementation of policies, procedures and strategies in support for the vision, mission and goals of the University as a whole.

Vision, Goals and Objectives


•   Provide quality standard for financial, physical and human resources

•   Enable the institution to successfully fulfill its financial and human resource responsibilities

•   Address personnel's need in a judicious, active and effective manner

•   Support in advancing the mission and vision of the University

Goals and Objectives

•   Continuously improve the services provided to faculty, staff, students and external constituents and stakeholders.

•   Seek the maximum advantage in the application of technology for the efficiency of services

•   Maintain a quality workforce and work environment.

•   Strengthen fiscal controls, effectiveness and productivity


A. THE OFFICE OF THE VICE-PRESIDENT FOR ADMINISTRATION (VP-ADMIN and FINANCE). The Vice-President for Administration has overall responsibility for planning, organizing, and coordinating the administrative affairs of the University. The VP-Admin and Finance spearheads the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the planned programs, projects, activities, and annual procurement plan of the sector.

Through chairmanship of different committees, the VP-Admin and Finance facilities objectives deliberations to arrive at committee recommendations, suggested courses of actions, or evaluation reports, for the President to consider in decision-making. The recommendations may come from the Personnel Selection Board, Human Resource Development Committee, Performance Evaluation Review Committee, Grievance Committee, Discipline Committee, Property Disposal Committee, Housing Committee, Security Committee, Land Reservation Committee, Bids and Awards Committee, and others.

Specifically, the Vice President for Administration and Finance/ shall:

1. Oversee the support services and coordinate with the Departments/Offices on areas needing improvement:

    a. Administrative Services Division
    b. Financial Services Division
    c. General Services Office
    d. Motor Pool and Fleet Management
    e. Security Management

2. Approve and/or sign for the President of the following administrative and financial documents:

    a. Obligation/budget utilization request
    b. Purchase request
    c. Travel Orders
    d. Trip tickets, include all sectors
    e. Permit to use University buildings and facilities
    f. Property forms, including short-term clearances
    g. Other documents as authorized by the University President

3. Recommend to the President for appropriate action the following:

    a. Results of screened applicants for recruitment, promotion, and other staffing modifications of sector personnel
    b. Grant of incentives and awards, both monetary and non-monetary
    c. Settlement of work-related complaints and grievances
    d. Designation, reassignment, detail, of employees
    e. Application for leave of absence, rehabilitation leave, and terminal leave
    f. Request for monetization of leaves of more than one (1) month
    g. Application for flexible work hours/work schedule
    h. Dropping from the rolls
    i. Request for voluntary transfer, resignation, and retirement
    j. Annual Procurement Plan
    k. Other requests or application of Administration Sector personnel that are subject to the discretion of the University President.

4. Require administrative heads of offices to submit their respective plans, programs, periodic accomplishment reports and annual reports; and to be submitted to the President, project procurement management plan, accomplishment reports, including actions taken as Officer In-charge in the absence of the University President;

5. Approve performance evaluation reports of administration division personnel and submit recommendations; and obtain customer satisfaction feedback;

6. Convene the Administration advisory arm to elicit participate management and transparency; and perform other related functions as may be assigned by the University President.