The Internet Node of Negros Oriental State University was established on July 16, 1996 with a 64Kbps Internet Backbone Link to Global Systems Interconnection (an Internet Service Provider based in Cebu City). NORSU was the pioneer of Internet services in Negros Oriental. This project was materialized through the efforts of the Information Technology Office. The purpose of the project is to provide research and communication tool/facilities to the students of the University.

With the continuing demand from the other government agencies like the Department of Science and Technology and the Department of Trade and Industry and the community, Internet services were extended to the outside community.

Negros Oriental State University- CICTSO accepts subscribers from the public and private schools, business institutions, organizations of all kinds, government and non - government agencies and individuals.

In October of 1997, the Internet backbone was transferred from Global Systems Interconnect to SkyInternet Inc. then to Infocom Technologies in March, 1999 and to Fil-Products Television Inc. in 2011 which provides both the Fiber Optic technology and Internet services.

At present, NORSU is a pioneer in the province to have a network infrastructure known as "One NORSU One Network" that aims to interconnect all campuses into one network with Fiber Optic cable as the network backbone for the local loop and for the internet leased line connection.

As a leader in innovation, the NORSU-CICTSO has served its faculty, staff, students and the people of Negros Oriental by providing them reliable and fast access to the Information Superhighway.


We see NORSU as the prime mover of innovation in harnessing Information and Communications Technology (ICT) as a strategic tool for research and development.


Championing the rational and optimal use of ICT in the delivery of effective and efficient services through innovative IT programs and solutions.


1. Provide Information Technology Leadership
2. Build the Information Technology Innovative Solutions
3. Expand the Information Technology Infrastructure
4. Strengthen ICT Programs and Services


1.Information and Communication Technology Resources
2.Information Technology Solutions:
3. Internet
4. E-Enrollment System
5. E-Grading System
6. E-NORSU Admission Test
7. English Entrance Examination
8. Engineering Entrance Examination
9. E-Cashiering
10. Scholarship Database System
11. Human Resource System
12. Online Education
13. Inter-Campus Voice Communication - VOIP
14. Online ID System
15. CCTV
16. E-Library System
17. Future Systems Applications

Information Technology Infrastructure

1. Computer Facilities and Resources
a. Computer Laboratories
b. Faculty Computing and Research Center
c. Internet Research Stations
2. Local Area Network
3. Fiber Optic Technology - Internet Backbone


The CICTSO Director

Tel No.: (+63)(035) 522-5050 local 1000, 1104