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The NORSU CARE Center assists and supports student's total development as individuals: physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. It attempts to provide the individual's growth and aid them in coping more effectively with their academic excellence and technical competencies.

The center offers a four-pronged thrust in its services offered to Students, Faculty and Staff of this institution. These organized services/programs are basically designed to assist individuals in their search for truth and knowledge, acquisition of skills, and other human endeavours needed to prepare them to be productive professionals. Furthermore, these services intend to complement and supplement the academic inspection and other learning and preparation they acquired outside of the classroom.


Every human being has the right to optimum development and to seek his own identity.

Developmental education is something more than just instructional mastery. It demands an integrated growth of the person.

The role and obligation of the guidance counsellor is to give assistance without imposition.


To make the CARE Center available to all NORSU students, faculty, and employees.

To facilitate opportunities for self-understanding, acceptance of self and others, acquisition of true values, and learning to make mature choices.

To initiate special programs and convocations for the benefit of the students.

To train the students to effectively develop their skills and cope with their academic excellence and technical competencies.

To set up effective linkages with other departments, between the University and industries, civic organizations and NGO's including other sectors of the community.



The CARE Center aims to provide professional counseling assistance through teaching necessary skills, like problem-solving skills; encourage recognition and expression of emotions; provide support in times of need; teach responsibility; instill insight; guidance as decisions are made; help individuals mobilize their inner and environmental resources in times of crisis; and increase in them competence and "self-actualization".


Test results are important not only to the student for his self-understanding, but also to the faculty and administrators for evaluating and improving educational outcomes. It provides a comprehensive and integrated measurement of the person's general mental ability, aptitude, interest, personality patterns and traits. The student is made aware of his/her problems as well as areas of development based standardized instruments. The data yield by the tests are useful in the diagnosis of academic failures, educational and vocational counseling, and in determining alternative choices for solutions to problems encountered by the students.

Placement and Follow-up

This service prepares the graduates for transition from school to work through Job Entry Skills Training and job placement; On-the-Job Training (OJT) students, through linkages with the different agencies and establishments. Follow-up is made to maintain contact with the graduates and OJT students and to serve as basis for evaluation of the guidance program and school curriculum.

Peer Counseling and Facilitating

Based on the assumption that "youth need youth to achieve self-actualization", the CARE Center is initiating the peer counsellor. This is a student-based peer counseling program. It aims to maximize its counseling affectivity by offering counseling services to students through their peers. Members of the peer counsellors will go through a series of trainings to acquire effective counseling skills. These students will then be assisting in every CARE activity.

Orientation and Info. Service

Through the information services, the students and faculty are made aware of the services and activities undertaken by the CARE Center. Various activities are conducted to provide and enhance the students and faculty with necessary skills, knowledge, and attitude. This program also maintains an Information Bulletin Board to provide students with meaningful and relevant information regarding educational, vocational, and occupational opportunities.

Student Assistance

This service is to help as many needy but deserving students as possible. The program provides students with information regarding grants and scholarships and how to avail them. It is also responsible for the screening of applicants and evaluation of the performance of grantees.

Student Inventory and Follow-up Service

This is a continuous and cooperative gathering and systematic filing of various data about each student for individual self-analysis, individual evaluation, assistance in decision-making, self-understanding and self-direction.

Parental and Faculty Consultation

To supplement and gather information regarding the student's environment and present situation, consultations with/between class advisers, teachers, parents, and deans are being conducted. These facilities have better understanding of the dynamics behind student's behaviour as information and/or feedback is made.

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