CARE Center

The NORSU CARE Center assists and supports student's total development as individuals: physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. It attempts to provide the individual's growth and aid them in coping more effectively with their academic excellence and technical competencies.

The CARE program is an acronym for: Counseling, Assessment, Resources and Empowerment.

C-Counseling. The CARE Center aims to provide professional connseling assistance through teaching necessary skills, like problem-solving skills and social skills; encourage recognition and expression of emotions; provide support in times of need; teach responsibility; instill insight to help individual make decisions; help individuals mobilize their inner and environmental resources in times of crisis; and mcrease in them competence and “self-actualization”.

A-Assessment. The CARE Center provides the students with the following assistance programs.

1. Testing - provides a comprehensive and integrated measurement of the person’s general mental ability, aptitude, interest, personality patterns and traits. The student 1s made aware of his problem areas needs as well as aceas of development based on a standard instruments. The data yield by the tests are useful in the diagnosis of academic failures, educational and vocational counseling for indicating directions and in determining alternative choices for solutions to problems encountered by the students.

2. Placement and follow-up - Assistance is approved to graduate through job placement; and On-the-Job Training (OJT) students, through linkages with the different agencies and establishments. Follow-up are made to maintain contact with the OJT students and bases for evaluation of the guidance program and school curriculum.

R-Resources. The CARE Center provides the following resources for students.

1. Educational and Career Information — This includes assistance offered to stuaents in developing desirable work and study habits as they strive to attain maximum results in accordance with their abilities end capacities. New students get acquamted with the college personnel, rules, facilities and services. Information on academic requirements, vocational and career planning community resources, personality and human development are also shared.

2.Individual Inventory — this is a continuous and cooperative gathering and systematic filing of various data about each student for individual seli-analysis, dividual evaluation, assistance in decision-making, scif-understanding and self-direction.

E-Enhancement. The CARE Center's Enhancement Programs sponsor and facilitate Seminars, Workshops, Training, Retreats and Conference on various topics, issue and interest. Each Colleges and Department is encouraged to avail of such programs and activities.