30 NORSUnians qualify for exchange leadership program in Singapore

Thirty Negros Oriental State University (NORSU) students will be participating in the Temasek Foundation International Specialists’ Community Action and Leadership Exchange Program (TFI SCALE), co-organized by Ngee Ann Polytechnic (Ngee Ann), in Singapore from October 13 to November 3, 2018.

The 30 delegates emerged as the top choice among 67 applicants who underwent a rigorous selection process. Representing multiple disciplines, the qualifiers will have the opportunity to gain a greater understanding and appreciation of Singapore’s approach to issues and challenges with a focus on leadership, governance and economic development. The program will be delivered through mini lectures, self-exploration sessions and learning journeys to places such as the Marina Barrage, Singapore Maritime Gallery and Harmony and Diversity Gallery.

After the three-week experiential learning of the NORSUnians in Singapore, it will be Ngee Ann’s turn to send to the Philippines 28 students, who will be attending a similar program organized by NORSU on March 2–16, 2019. During the period, both groups of students from the Philippines and Singapore will discuss about the Philippines’ political, social, and economic development. Ngee Ann students will also get to learn firsthand the works that the government has done for its people.

The TFI SCALE is aimed at promoting cross-cultural sharing and holistic learning between international student leaders and Singapore students. The students will also have the opportunity to develop a better appreciation of economic, socio-political, and cultural diversity of countries in Southeast Asia. The program receives funding from the Temasek Foundation International, a Singapore-based non-profit philanthropic organization that supports programs, which aim to build capabilities with partners in Asia and beyond. These programs enable human and social capital development, contributing towards a more vibrant and connected global community, with positive networks of cooperation. The programs also aim to enhance capabilities in the areas of health care, education, public administration, urban management, and disaster-response.

This year is NORSU’s third time to participate in the program since it began its collaboration with Ngee Ann in 2015. The university has sent to Singapore a total of 90 delegates so far. (TFI Scale Media Fact Sheet)