Information and Publicity Office

Goals and Objectives:

The objective or main function of the Information and Publicity Office is to enable the university to effectively manage information within and outside of the organization leading to effective communication flow between the university administration and its stakeholders and among inter-system offices to develop more informed students and stakeholders about university and social relevant issues.


The services of the IPO fall under any of the general categories listed below.

1. Manage all media and communication-related aspects of the university (ex. NORSU Website, Murals, Bulletin boards, etc.),

2. Establish and strengthen media and community relations,

3. Organize communication-oriented activities designed to promote awareness of university issues, assets, or efforts,

4. Develop a communications feedback mechanism that would encourage stakeholders to communicate to the university, among others.

5. Collaborate with Student Services and Academic offices to develop, implement and produce information-related activities, projects, production materials that would improve the understanding of the students of the development of the university and other relevant issues.


1. The IPO is an administrative and academic support office located at the Room CAS 11, ground floor of the AS building, Main Campus I, Dumaguete City.

2. The IPO will be headed by the Director of the University Information and Publicity Office, preferably a permanent faculty member with organizational communication expertise.

3. The IPO will be staffed by two regular staff members: 1 for information gathering and news production, and 1 for technical maintenance of the University website. A student assistant will be assigned to the IPO when necessary.

4. When capable, the IPO will operate and maintain the University website and will be involved in the development and production of university-related information materials. The IPO will peruse of the technical and personnel resources of The Pylon when necessary and when it does not disrupt Pylon activities.

5. The IPO will be the university’s primary link to the mainstream media. All media concerns will be first coursed through the IPO. University offices and stakeholders who plan to seek media exposure in a manner that would include the mention of the university must inform the IPO.

6. The IPO will spearhead in the development of the University’s brand. Once the brand is approved, the IPO will provide users of the university’s brand, through a digital brand book with the official brand formats.

7. The IPO, together with relevant offices will spearhead in the maintenance of the Information Boards of the university. The IPO together with the SAO and Director of the Buildings and Grounds Office will develop new guidelines pertaining to the use of the university’s bulletin boards.
8. The IPO will develop IT-based methods and applications to effectively communicate to students and other stakeholders of the university. The administration of these applications will be exclusively that of the IPO and shall be owned by the University.

9. The IPO will conduct information-related or communication-enhancement activities with the various stakeholders of the university, primarily the students.

10. The IPO will develop linkages with communication or information-related organizations to strengthen its capabilities to disseminate information about the university.

Main Functions:

1. Be the official representative of the university in media and communication-related functions,

2. Develop media peripherals and materials intended to develop positive perception and market the university’s academic programs and efforts (Tarpaulins, College brochures, etc.),

3. Gather, organize and maintain information about the university, (can include the maintenance of NORSU website, and the regular publication of a University Newsletter)

4. Spearhead the development of a brand for the university,

5. Conduct information-related or communication-enhancement activities in cooperation with relevant offices for the benefit of the various stakeholders of the university, primarily the students.