Planning and Development Office


  1. Spearhead of Planning activities with the different offices in the Main Campus and external campuses of the University for its proactive development
  2. Consolidate the plans of the different campuses to develop cohesive development plans
  3. Conduct regular assessment/evaluation of the specific accomplishments
  4. Package proposals for better resource generation and expansion of development opportunities
  5. Prepare, collect and consolidate documents for submission to other agencies such as CHED, DBM, NEDA, RDC, and others.
  6. Perform other tasks reievant to the function of the Office of Planning and Development

Our Functions

The Planning and Development Office is headed by the Director designated by the University President. He/she shall be at least a holder of an appropriate master's degree, preferably with special training and/or working experience in planning and development and at least three (3) years of administrative experience.

The Director for Planning and Development shall perform the following functions:
1. To initiate, coordinate, monitor, and evaluate the planning and development
activities of all sectors of the University;
2. To coordinate the preparation of project/program plans and proposals;
3. To assist in packaging program plans and proposals; and
4. To perform other related functions which the University President may assign to hirn from time to time.

The Planning and Development Office Staff shall perform the following functions:
1. Assisting the Planning Director on assigned duties.
2. Coordinates with related offices of the University where the Planning Office is involved.
3 Communicate with the different offices of the University on issues relating to the Planning Office.
4. Perform various office tasks and should be disposed to carrying out any clerical duties assigned in accordance with the particular office procedures.
5 Ensure an organized, clean, and tidy workspace, and maintain and re-stock office supplies as needed.
6. Ensure smooth and efficient operations in the Planning Office.
7. To perform other related functions which the the Director of Planning and Development may assign to him/her from time to time.

Annual Report

Annual Reports