The Negros Oriental State University Midwifery program Provides Students Quality Health Care Education. The Candle lighting and dedication ceremony is done annually to formally welcome the students as future midwives. The significance of the lighting of the candles is shared as they will become the guiding light in the field of Midwifery.

To expand the learning capabilities of the Midwifery students, they are deployed into the different barangays in the City as well as in the neighboring towns. Here, the students are employing the Anti-Dengue Campaign, wherein the canals and other areas with stagnant water are treated with chemicals to prevent mosquito larvae to thrive.

The midwifery faculty are highly trained with degrees and licenses in Nursing and Midwifery. The university provides an environment conducive for the students to learn. The instructors uses informatics and advanced technology to enhance the learning of midwifery students to cope up with the technologically evolving world.

The Midwife cares for the mother and the child. Every student is exposed and utilizes her skills in the delivery room.

NORSU Midwifery course allows students to learn via simulation. In the bounds of the classrooms and university laboratories, the learners are allowed to experience simulations relevant to maternal and child care during child birth with the use of mannequins and simulators.

After giving direct care to patients in the hospital, students share relevant information on child birth and parenting.

Through immersion in the community setting, the students are allowed to share their knowledge to the public.